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ACUTA Regulatory Intelligent Documents (ARID) v1.1 Released

I’m pleased to announce that ACUTA has released version 1.1 of the ACUTA Regulatory Intelligent Documents, or ARID for short. ARID is a set of over 325 shell documents (up nearly 50 from the previous version) and a carefully curated set of Word tools combined with the most-used features from the ribbon, on a single …


The Old Equations

Credit M. Kemal https://www.flickr.com/photos/23221002@N00/7204014842/in/photolist-bYAsCs-64RZB1-q34MyH-7QhvAS-5kBGaM-sbmQwc-8xhWdj-aQmwe2-aQmw2H-aQmw1g-7g4nCq-aQmwbp-xDxNy-aQmw4v-aQmwfn-aQmw6r-aQn6hX-FH3RYP-aQmwkn-5cXYr-4s8uCX-7eALhs-fHxKgh-6HsCtz-cMpT5h-dkAv3z-dS6ThJ-fHh26r-fHyEjj-5nJzqU-cMpT33-6DxhSz-61Pdc-ZtZM-8JXn7H-4ZUia7-sJC1j-fHgUZt-b7NQqR-5H5z6S-4GiCre-5cXYq-5Lu4yz-wgXj7z-Z1P7Jm-bnZtgV-j8EtXM-5RpyD-8TU8VK-4qqqdU

Especially because we now offer a Microsoft Word-based tool, ARID (ACUTA Regulatory Intelligent Documents) I thought it would be important to point out a recently discovered vulnerability in Microsoft Office.  The original Equation Editor — a 17-year-old component — has been shipped with all versions of Office since that point, and has been found to permit …