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ARIM Registrations, EMA, IDMP, XEVMPD

XEVMPD: Unpacking its impact on IDMP

Note: This article is not a commitment to features or capabilities of ACUTA products or services. When ACUTA added the Registration module to to ARIM version 3.0 in 2017, our expectation was that IDMP (Identification of Medicinal Products, the ISO standards being implemented first in Europe) was imminent. Because of that, we expected it would …

ARIM Registrations, EMA, IDMP, SPOR

IDMPrimer #3: Building Blocks

So far in the first two primer posts I’ve described some over-arching concepts about the data that goes into IDMP, how it’s used, and where it comes from. Let’s start piecing things together and understand what an IDMP message would look like. I promise not to use XML for now – the HL7 Structured Product Language …

ARIM Registrations, EMA, IDMP

IDMPrimer #1: The Four Quadrants of IDMP Data

Once upon a time, I’d written a number of lessons on IDMP – those are no longer easily available (hint: check out the Internet Archive, but come back here), and there have been changes, so let’s start from scratch. If you need a glossary of abbreviations below, please check out the April 25 blog post. …