Making your APT move-in ready

Welcome to the first of a regular series of hints and tips to make ACUTA PDF Tools – APT – more effective in your organization.

As this is the first, let’s take a look at a couple of tweaks to the APT settings that can make your use of APT and Adobe Acrobat easier.

Start by pulling down the Edit menu and selecting Preferences > ACUTA Settings and then Auto Save


This brings up the Auto Save settings (you can also get here by using ACUTA > Batch Auto Save and clicking on Settings):

  • Choose “Single” to make sure that Acrobat always saves to a specific version of PDF. The “Mixed” mode will leave documents in their current version.
  • Make sure the Fast Web View is set to “Yes” – remember that Acrobat normally does not make your incremental saves with Fast Web View unless you choose “Save As…” to make a new copy.
  • Set the Navigation Tab and Page Layout as you prefer, or as required by the agency to which you are submitting. Most agencies prefer the “Bookmarks Panel and Page” if there are bookmarks, and for the default page layout and magnification.

After you’ve clicked on Close, any auto-saves that Acrobat makes, and when you check the Auto-Save box in any APT tools, the save will obey the settings you’ve specified. This can save a lot of work, compared to going back and re-specifying the fast web view after finishing all your edits.

The Bookmark Wizard has the capability of changing the case of your bookmarks. This is useful if your top-level headings are all IN CAPS but you’d rather your bookmarks don’t look like they’re shouting. When changing case to Capitalize Each Word, the ‘less important’ words shouldn’t be capitalized.

The Change Case settings (Edit > Preferences > ACUTA Settings > Change Case) lets you select which words will stay as lower case. In most cases, the default list will be sufficient, but if you find words that need correction, you can select them here.

The QC Wizard is APT’s most powerful tool, letting you audit and update existing links.  The preferences for QC Wizard (Edit > Preferences > ACUTA Settings > QC Wizard Validation Rules) let you pre-determine how you want links handled:

By changing these items before you start running the QC Wizard, you can pre-set what’s considered correct. The “Open In” setting determines what window links should open in – anything that doesn’t match will be flagged.  The color of the line or text for boxed or text links can also be pre-set to Blue, Black or Both (either color is acceptable). You also have the option to have APT warn you about two other things:

  • Links on the same page are not an error, but they create visual clutter. Knowing they’re there helps you find them and make a cleaner page
  • Links that go to Named Destinations can be useful in some situations, confusing in others (particularly if you’re merging documents in PDF). The “Report Named Destinations” option lets you find them to make sure they’re working as expected.


Lastly, setting the Redact Color (Edit > Preferences > ACUTA Settings > Default Redact Color) lets you choose the color you will be using for all redaction.

Using the preferences features before you start editing is like painting and carpeting the apartment before moving the furniture in: it saves time later and gives you exactly the environment you want.

Watch this space for more APT hints and tips, and contact us for more information on how you can use APT in your next publishing project.

Photo Credit Paula Henry, modified with the ACUTA logo

Author: Joel Finkle

Joel became embroiled in electronic submissions when regulatory came downstairs and asked "Can we convert all our clinical study reports to WordPerfect format for the FDA reviewer?" and he didn't say, "No." Since then, he's been involved with custom CANDAs, PDF publishing, eCTD, document template automation, Regulatory Information Management, HL7's RPS, and the ISO IDMP standard. He joined ACUTA in April of 2017. He'd share some of his famous tomatillo salsa with you, but he can't carry it on airplanes.

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