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ACUTA Regulatory Intelligent Documents (ARID) v1.1 Released

I’m pleased to announce that ACUTA has released version 1.1 of the ACUTA Regulatory Intelligent Documents, or ARID for short.

ARID is a set of over 325 shell documents (up nearly 50 from the previous version) and a carefully curated set of Word tools combined with the most-used features from the ribbon, on a single ACUTA tab in Microsoft Office Word.  We support versions 2013 and 2016 (2010 works too, but not even Microsoft supports it).

Highlights of the new version include:

  • We’ve filled in the gaps in the US, EU and Canadian Module 1 documents
  • The content and instructions in many of the other shell documents has been expanded
  • Users can add customized versions of the shell documents back into ARID
  • Configuration features like the shell customizations can now be protected with a password
  • Lots more little things including expanded reporting of document fonts and cross references
  • A ‘Lite’ version for service organizations who need their customers to be able to review and edit ARID documents

You can read the full Version 1.1 release notes online. If you are already an ARID customer, the update can be downloaded now. If you’re not currently an ARID customer, please contact us for more information or a demonstration.

Author: Joel Finkle

Joel became embroiled in electronic submissions when regulatory came downstairs and asked "Can we convert all our clinical study reports to WordPerfect format for the FDA reviewer?" and he didn't say, "No." Since then, he's been involved with custom CANDAs, PDF publishing, eCTD, document template automation, Regulatory Information Management, HL7's RPS, and the ISO IDMP standard. He joined ACUTA in April of 2017. He'd share some of his famous tomatillo salsa with you, but he can't carry it on airplanes.

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