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Brexit, EMA

Brexit Update – Amsterdam Wins EMA Host City

As posted by the BBC, EMA has made their decisions on where to locate the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and European Banking Agency, because of the need to relocate once Britain leaves the European Union (aka Brexit). Amsterdam will be the new host city for the EMA, with permanent office space becoming available around August …

Brexit, EMA

Brexit Update: EMA Prefers Amsterdam

This is just a quick update on the status of the move of the EMA headquarters from London, due to the UK leaving the European Union, generally known as Brexit. The IDMP “SPOR” Master Data Management project at EMA is expected to be delayed due to the move, but IDMP is the only project known …

Brexit, EMA

What does Brexit mean for Pharmaceutical Companies?

The whole world is holding its breath to see whether Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, nicknamed “Brexit,” will have a “hard” landing – meaning a strict break with the European common market and open emigration – or a “soft” one, meaning that some parts of the treaty may be maintained. Theresa May, Prime Minister, …