IDMPrimer #2: EMA’s Operating Model

Last time, the subject was the overall data in IDMP (The ISO standard for Identification of Medicinal Products), and how it grouped into regulatory vs non-regulatory, and the description of the product itself versus what it’s authorized for. This lesson is about how all that data is going to be used, and how that influences …

ARIM Registrations, EMA, IDMP

IDMPrimer #1: The Four Quadrants of IDMP Data

Once upon a time, I’d written a number of lessons on IDMP – those are no longer easily available (hint: check out the Internet Archive, but come back here), and there have been changes, so let’s start from scratch. If you need a glossary of abbreviations below, please check out the April 25 blog post. …


Would you support IDMP that isn’t IDMP?

Joel Finkle, Director Regulatory Innovation & IDMP Strategy For the last few months – both at the January and March EU IDMP/SPOR Task Force Meetings, there has been debate about how to send IDMP data to agencies in Europe. Although the ISO standard specifies the HL7 SPL format, the initial iteration of EMA’s implementation is …