Month: June 2017

ARIM Registrations, EMA, IDMP, SPOR

IDMPrimer #3: Building Blocks

So far in the first two primer posts I’ve described some over-arching concepts about the data that goes into IDMP, how it’s used, and where it comes from. Let’s start piecing things together and understand what an IDMP message would look like. I promise not to use XML for now – the HL7 Structured Product Language …

ARIM Publisher, eCTD, EMA, Regulatory Update

Regulatory Update: EMA eCTD Specifications 3.0.2 – Best Practices Limitation Corrected (even better practices!)

On April 6, 2017, EMA issued a new version of the eCTD specifications, version 3.0.2, 11 months after version 3.0.1. If you look at the EMA Website’s EU Module 1 page, it appears that nothing has happened: The same EU Regional DTD (the structure of the eCTD), and the same Implementation Guide are listed as …


eCTD 4 in Europe: Multiple Countries, Multiple Processes

For the first time in two years, EMA (there are enough acronyms here that it got distracting defining them all – see the table at the bottom) has updated their Implementation Guide for eCTD version 4, which is based on the HL7 RPS standard, and has been advanced through ICH Step 4, meaning that it’s OK …